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                  ZheJiang Langdi Group Co.,Ltd was established in 1998. It’s a company group that  focused on manufacturing wheels of household air conditioner and series fans for HVAT system , industrial equipments.
                  Zhejiang Langdi Group sets up subsidiary manufacturing companies at Ningbo city at Zhenjiang Province,Dongguan City at Guangdong Province, Zhongshan City at Guangdong Province, Mianyang City at Sichuan Province, Shijiazhuang City at Hebei Province, Wuhan city at Hubei Province, Yuanyang City at Henan Province,Hanshan City at Anhui Province. Langdi brand wheels were designated as approved supplier of China mainland and abroad air conditioner manufacturers, such as: DAIKEN,SUMSUNG,GREE,MIDEA,MITSUBISHI,LG,HAIER,CHANGHONG etc.At same time, Langdi products were sold to UK,JAPAN,THAILAND,KOREAN,EGYPT,TURKEY,INDIA and many other countries or ares as well.
                  Langdi insists on fan and fan wheel business, implements brand-building strategy. Honorable titles were awarded by Zhejiang province and customers after consistently efforts of offering qualified products and thoughtful services for customers and market, for instance, “Famous Brand”, “Patent Bench-mark Enterprises”, “Well-known Firm” by Zhejiang Province, and “Outstanding Supplier”, “Excellent Supplier”“Inspection-free Supplier” by MITSUBISHI,GREE,MIDEA,AIRMATE and CHANGHONG.
                  Continuously, Langdi adheres to: company operation concept “DO BUSINESS HONESTLY, MANAGE ENTERPRISE MORALLY”; enterprise spirit “ WORK SINCERELY,INNOVATIVELY, KEEP DEVELOPING”; working style “PROMPT RESPONSE, PERFORM TOGETHER”, to stride forward a new milestone in company development process.



                地址:浙◣江省余姚市朗霞街道經二十路188號   電話:0574-62193018   傳真:0574-62199608   郵編:315480   郵箱:langdi@langdi.com

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